Aotkq smp import test

new features:

  • import full arrangement by compressing song and arrangement files into zip
  • fixed volume scale
  • fixed piranha / coin swap
  • custom soundfont import
  • compress bpm

new observations:

  • sustained instruments act as if not sustained
  • double sharps register as flats

original video


Fixed double sharps! Added support for “Double Sharps” and “Double Flats” natively to Notessimo as well.

Fixed sustained instruments as well, at least I hope so! I also noticed that Notessimo will ends all notes when a sheet ends whereas “Super Mario Paint” doesn’t, so I added a new option to create one giant mega sheet instead for audio accuracy.

Let me know if there is anything else! Thank you!

** also re-uploaded your song for testing

I’ve just noticed something else, mute notes register as normal notes if they have accidentals. i knew something was off about the hi-hats in the second half

Good catch! Thank you! This is now fixed.

holy shit I’m impressed by both the song and how great V4 is so far