I guess I’ll put some of my feature requests and stuff here, some of these may have been requested before…
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Suggestions explosions go!
Site/General Feature Requests
1: Follow user option.
–Being able to follow a user to keep up with their latest song posts (see suggestion 2)
–Notessimo can recommend users with a similar style as ones you follow
–See recent members that gain quick positive feedback; can be called something like Rising Stars!
2: Song browsing enhancements
–Able to see songs from users you follow in something like a subscription box like in YouTube
–Notessimo can recommend songs from a specific genre you often listen to
–See recent songs that gain quick positive feedback; can be called something like Hot New Songs!
–Ability to create playlists of your favorite songs
–Make playlists for Notessimo-made albums of your own
3: A New User welcoming and introduction to notessimo
–New users can get video tutorials on how Notessimo works
–They can request help from users willing to provide it
4: More profile settings options
–Can have a background picture
–See recent songs straight from the profile page
–See featured/popular songs straight from the profile page
–Customize to show what you want on your profile and what you don’t want
Notessimo V3 Suggestions
1: Notessimo v3 “Game”
–The ability to play along with the music rhythmically or fully with a midi keyboard
–Ability to choose the instrument/layer you want to play
–The uploader, some type of chart maker, or Notessimo itself has the ability to make a chart like in Rock Band or Guitar Hero
–Sync Rockband and Guitar Hero instruments to play along.
2: A Visualizer
–You can choose from a variety of looks of the player that changes along with the rhythm of the song
3: Notessimo Mobile
–Have a limited version of V3 available for mobile devices.
–A ringtone maker
–A downloadable application you can use to keep up with latest forum posts and status updates like the mobile site
–Ability to stream full Notessimo composed songs without flash player or downloading sound files
4: Furthermore Into a V3 Composer App
–Ability to create music with a limited amount of instruments to avoid huge download sizes
–A song mixer and compiler to create either playlists or to create a compilation of songs like a medley
–Sample sounds straight from the device (may sound crappy, though)
–The application can feature a keyboard in which you can play notes to place them on the composing sheet
–Download songs as MP3s from the site and composer
–Save songs from the site to edit or convert to an mp3 or wav on the composer application.
I’ll update this when I can come up with some more suggestions.


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Yes the game part and the subscription part is genius!

Made a few edits to the suggestions.