Apocoloptogon Central Collabration[UNF] by The Apocoloptogon FAMILY :3

Im done with my part so the collab is SAFE.(I countinued from Cartrox)
I know that my part is not as good as any one of yours guys.
It’s my first time in a collab,but i did what i could.
So there it is.
Cartrox wanted me to upload it now xD.
I added sheets 28,29,30,31,32 and 33.


Ehh, I liked your part, it was just repetitive, and the transition was terrible. I’m sorry. 3.5/5

Maybe someone should go (or make a better transition at least) in between you and me…

Sorry. No hard feelings.

It’s ok 3.5 is a fair rating.It’s my first time so im not surprised that my part is not so good.

And i haven’t composed anything for a month,so i lost a lot of skill.

Next time someone doesn’t do their part, is it ok with you guys if I add some stuffs?

I’d like to hear some more harmonics in this song.