App Composer/Player is Locked since 12/1/2023

Sorry about that! Should be fixed now! Update to the native app is coming as well.

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What will the update bring? And what’s the progress on V4?

It was only bug fixes.

I haven’t put much time on V4 since about 1 year sadly, I had made some plans to finish it up and was on track but life is unpredictable.

I have some good foundation now for the website / player / editor working on all platforms and hopefully can get it to parity with V3 soon after when I’ll be able to put some time back into it.

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Originally Starburst was aiming for a summer 2023 full release, but, that got pushed back to winter. Then he wasn’t able to work on V4 much for a year so that will probably push it back another year to winter 2024.

The V3 parity update will probably come a lot sooner though, which would be a very nice update as it would bring back the useful sound editing functions of V3, but, we would also have the instruments of V4 making the update even better.


Yeah that would be awesome as I can enhance my recent covers with the V4 soundfont.