I leafed through the topics and couldn’t find one where you could post your own artwork or other types of artsy stuff you do.

So Here’s to people who are awesome at other stuff like
…short stories…

Please if you post pictures… keep them a reasonable size…

I’ll start off with a doodle on the back of my notebook :3

No music?

But nice doodle! It looks like some part of the human body, or spaghetti.

As we all know, the human body and spaghetti looks verry much alike:P

I made this back in december. Pretty happy with the outcome:)


:0 Incredible.

Though the white streaks, and the bottom of the blue outline of the “H”; look funny, (and why are there no honeycombs in between the H and I?) but otherwise it’s amazing! I really like the scratches on the words, and the colour, and the broken hive pattern, and the bee, and the lighting, and the texture.

Great work!

Did you spot the heart :3

More hearts from heart snowflake i made like three years ago for valentines day

This is my short story that I wrote last year.
I got a hundred and a note from the teacher saying ‘Great imagination’
Mothy and buggy and the search for the antido-I mean cure

Some computer graphics:
Full avatar
Abstract Art
Notessimo Background

I recently made this signature for a guy on the forums.

It’s 100% ms paint… Except for the transperancy which some random guy helped me with using photo shop.

That’s amazing! Especially the fact that it’s made in MS Paint! If you like to do art you should get Paint.NET (basically free photoshop but with less things, but free so it makes up for it!)

Edit: It also has transparency and layers like photoshop

It’s what I use when I make graphics outside of school (I use the school’s photoshop and Illustrator).

…Wow. :l

Also nice story Austin!

I know… To be honest im only holding myself back by using paint… But theres something about i just cant help but adore.
I feel like i have more control over the stuff i make in paint. I need to carefully place every pixel in order to get a propper result. It takes me hours get results like the one i just posted but in the end it feels so much more satisfying:)
(+ its impressive to make awesome stuff with a garbage program like ms paint:P)

Thanks for the comment!

a watercolor painting I did

Edit: how do you post pictures?

Upload the file to or and post the link.

aw naw… I wana do like how HS did it :’(

wait… is that how HS did it?

I just copied the url from my deviant art account since it was already uploaded there…
But usually youd use an image hosting site.
Theres plenty to pick from:P

and MANY more…

Do I have to have an acount at One of those places to upload a pic to it?


well how 'bout this

not the best quality, but there they are…

Wow, those are great! ^-^ You’re quite the artist.

thank you!

I have been painting watercolor for 6ish years now…

and have now started oils…

They look really professional!
I would buy them. (If I had money.)