Ashley Bas10 ... Just Be Happy


“SHOW REEL” - The songs I think you should hear

This is empty … maybe I’ll put some of my v2 stuff here, but I’ll probably just wait till I got a couple v3 songs

ARCHIVE - dis sheet is in chronological order
16th August 2015 - Just Be Happy
22nd June 2015 - The Return

You totally didn’t steal this from anywhere else

nice to see you got a thread (rock) really awesomenessly awesome (rock)

I approve of this thread. +1.

Grrr… i knew i’d heard that somewhere before… my bad roast.

I doubly approve of this thread +2.
I love Frozen Escapade.

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I approve of this thread +∞+1

you guys can stop now, i think i’m keeping this thread, seeing as i have an aproval of 2 x infinty + 7

Day dreaming

new song


Catchy. Now you’ve got it in my head all day…

As always, I love listening to your drumming Ashley bas10, it’s was great. I also liked the little pause at the end of sheet 1. But it was repetitive, to the point where it was almost boring. That isn’t too bad, but another thing I didn’t like about it was the speed. In my opinion, if you are going to make a super-fast song, then you must experiment with the 16th and 8th notes, which will lead to odd sounds that you can’t get at lower speeds. This song didn’t have that, and therefore could have been made at 200 bpms and still sound much the same. Overall, I rate it 4/5.

Well, i’m glad people like it all the same.
the thing about the bpm… the first sheet was made at 200bpm then vamped up because i just wanted to make a hyperspeed song.
and yes its repetitive…but for one days work!?

I posted my short review before I realized this song was also in the Hyperspeed thread, sorry about that.

As for the one day thing, this song is good but not groundbreaking or anything. The amount of time it takes, in itself alone, shouldn’t have any affect on the overall quality. That’s not to say that a song made in 10 minutes is bad and a song made in a month is good, it’s just that the ending product is the only thing we judge the song by, and whether you took a week to decide on what instruments to use or 10 seconds to write half the song, if it’s good, it’s good, and vise versa.

I think it’s a bad habit to release a song and then say “it took me this long.” If it’s a low amount of time, it might drive people away because they think you just rushed or don’t care about the quality, whether you did or not.

Your song was fine, and 4/5 is a good rating, correct? I wouldn’t worry about my opinions of speed, because the tempo is not something to judge a song by.



really good counting how hard it is to make a song that fast

Hey check out new song then the awsome poll stars did for me.

the polls up for a week…the winner goes onto the next poll along with all the others people send me and with some new ones from me and my band.

I love the new song! It made my comp a little laggy though

posts here to add to my posts cause songs are awesome nuff said