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sup i’m gonna copy aliens and start a continuous ama thread as well. feel free to lock/delete if i didnt follow the rules.

ask me summing mate.


Fave VST?

fav effect vst is dblue stretch all the freaking way, but ring-o (which is a free ring modulation vst) comes in at a close second. however when i want to get really high frequency ring modulation (useful in glitchcore or really just in any idm) fl’s standard effector is useful.

for synth vst’s, haven’t used them in a while (analog synthesis and samplin has really taken over my workflow in the best way! :]) but just downloaded a lovely one called sonigen modular. still need to learn how to use it because it’s a pain in the arse rn, but such amazing sounds. i am making an ambient-acid-house track with it. some other ones i enjoy are synth1vst or 4front piano module (pretty realistic piano). also just downloaded a tb-303 simulator called vb-303 which sounds pretty nice, but need to learn that as well. all of these were free.

just to name… a couple

man this thread is going to be fun. as you can see i like to ramble.

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When will we have a collab in FL Studio?

How much do you use your Launchpad? Just asking because I haven’t really been giving mine the love it deserves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think it is possible to make music with Notepad?

Do you ever wonder why we’re here?

what are memes?

If you could collab with any music artist of your choosing who would it be? Totally guessing Aphex but we’ll see.

good question. hit me up sometime on soundcloud and we can transfer files thru mediafire/filedropper/etc. you go first! i’m bad at starting collab stuff.

actually, i am working on making a live set! i should work on that again.
i also kinda have phases where i use my launchpad and then don’t for a while. and then i use it for a while and dont etc etc

seems like a nice program. i should download it.

you’re talking about finale notepad, correct?

yes. all the time. it’s the reason it takes me half an hour to fall asleep, sometimes, although i’m starting to fall asleep quicker now, thank gosh.
one time i almost threw up in bed and had an extreme anxiety/panic attack trying to think about what being dead/non-existent would feel like.

what aren’t memes, unfortunately?

yeah aphex would be one of them. would also love to collab with squarepusher (dude’s got the jazzy influence that i love), vsnares, autechre, all dem idm/weird-music peeps


^Actually I was referring to Notepad, the default text editor on Windows computers.

oh well no…(?)

Your thoughts on Harmor if it got an FM Overhaul

i dont use harmor so i couldnt tell you


sorry that is not a question. next.

are you a meme rap consumer or a meme rap hater

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no i am not.

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Are you single?
Do I have a chance?