Open for any questions


Why is that video even a thing?

excuse me sir. i don’t need that in here. I mean. what is your definition of good video then?

Personally, I wouldn’t watch a video that would put me to sleep. However, I suppose there is an audience for everything.

ah. gotcha. I’m not the soundcloud/ cartroxy style music producer. The only thing I use (other than Notessimo) is Finale 2014. so I have made videos of my partially done compositions

I am re opening this up for any further questions. I’m bored.

Greetings fine sir, my question for thee; what in all of all, is your greatest dream?

What major are you studying?

Why did you block me

To have a house in the woods, be married to a lovely fine woman and visit every national park in the US & maybe even visit Canada

I’m taking music courses in College. I’m unsure of what path to take with that or perhaps composition or simply performance.

I unblocked you. I thought you were annoying at first. You are a cool dude. and My Block snaps in two.

im going to fucking kill myself

dam ok sorry. no more snaps memes. they’re too 2016.
any more questions?

do you play runescape

best meme?