ATTN: ALL NOTESSIMOERS! We have a MAJOR problem...

…and I’m SURE some of you are gonna have a lot of fun solving it.

Apparently, the users of invented the internet. And the wheel. And corn flakes.

Just a suggestion. I don’t really have the balls to abuse Wikipedia.

We also invented fire, sex…you get the idea

Yes I just did that

Yay! I wonder who wrote that … ?

What problem?


Does this make it sound important?

The importantness is blinding my eyes.

We must update that Wikipage.
What’s missing.
Free. Beta!

We didn’t cover that up.

Isn’t it Failsafe Vault Inc. now?

When was the change?

Probably happened with the update. Look at the bottom of the website, it’s there lol.

I liked Atemis. D:

Rofl. I like the picture of Failsafe.

Looks like this article is gonnn be deleted.

It is deleted.

Yeah. I wanted to see it.

It was basically two lines long.

Ahem… It was five after I updated it, thank you very much.