Awesome free games

only post FREE games…

Survival Crisis Z LINK
so its… a zombie game. probably the best one I’ve ever played. (haven’t played dead rising or L4D yet)
get this if you have vista… don’t even know about 7…

So, every body post some stuff!

Dwarf Fortress

Most advanced, insane game ever…
I need to make a topic for this.

Cave story
All I’m going to say is :D

I Wanna Be The Guy
Just to laugh at yourself and how much you suck at this game.


facepalms at own stupidity considering I’ve been looking at stuff about TF2 all day

^All that.^
And… Maybe the old Desktop Dungeons, and Spiral Knights on steam?

Dwarf Fortress is amazing. It has a steep cliff for a learning curve, but once you learn it, it turns into a pretty cool game.

@uchihakyle - I haven’t played Spiral Knights any, but Desktop Dungeons is pretty fun. (Even if it’s pretty tough.)

i’ve seen advertisements for age of empires online for free and checked the website… but I have no mouse so I couldn’t try it.

Eversion, I wanna be the guy gaiden, keybal space program, not Tetris 2, scp-087-b, scp: containment breach, toribash, hard time, popscene, popscene 2, popcorn, and under development

It sounds like you took half of those from NerdCubed. Also, Kerbal*

… wait, you watch NerdCubed too? Awesome! Also, I actually learned about Kerbal Space Program from JJ5x5. I only learned Not Tetris 2, Hard Time, and Toribash from NerdCubed. I got all the other MDickie games from seeing them when I downloaded Hard Time. Also, I own both games so I can sufficiently confirm that they are both awesome.

I’ve been watching Dan since comic… 20 I think?

Hold on to your butts.
You’ll wanna check out Evropi’s review of open-source games here.
Among all the downloadables I’ve tried, I’ve specifically keened up to AssaultCube, Ascii Sector, and SuperTuxKart as of late.

And of course; there’s always tons of fun, time-wasting emulators and Flash games to play for free (including Notessimo). ;3

You always come out of nowhere with coherent and on-topic posts. I like you.

One can never go wrong with a quick game of minesweeper.

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Thanks. c:


Watch OfficialNerdCubed’s Free Games Friday. Epic games every week!!!

I haven’t liked the games Dan has been playing recently. I’ve found the videos that he and Wot have been doing on the second channel.

COD of Duty
This has to be the greatest sequel to COD ever…

TF2, Red Crucible 2, CS Portable, Slendytubbies (can’t get enough of multiplayer), DC Universe Online, & Toribash.

Synapsis and Coma on the site Kongregate are pretty cool. I love TF2 (even though I have to use my friend’s account) and sometimes Gmod.
SCP: Containment Breach will literally make you crap your pants, so I recommend that you play it only if you can handle jumpscares and low-light settings.
The map randomizes every time, and the updated version has a lot more insane stuff. However, it’s definitely worth playing.

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