Badges idea

Post your badges idea here!

  • Popular Song (bronze): Achieve 100+ listens on a song
  • Popular Song (silver): Achieve 1 000+ listens on a song
  • Popular Song (gold): Achieve 10 000+ listens on a song

Musician (bronze): Upload 1 instrument and receive 1+ likes on the instrument.
Band Mate (silver): Upload 5 instruments and receive 5+ likes on each instrument.
Concert Master (gold): Upload 15 instruments and receive 15+ likes each instrument.
Conductor (diamond): Upload 30 instruments and receive 30+ likes each instrument.

Versatile Composer (gold): Upload at least 1 song for each of the default tags and receive at least 1 like for each song.
Renowned User (diamond): Complete a member spotlight interview.

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Nice! Love them! They will be definitely be added added once instrument upload is enabled.

Member spotlight interview is a great idea too! Thank you!