Banjo Kazooie - Battle with Gruntilda by Grant Kirkhope

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HAHA!! Thatā€™s great!
I remember playing that! I used to play that game ALL the time! It was really my favorite for quite a while.
Good job!

The arpeggio violins were BEAST!!! and they were also OVER 9000!!!

In ā€˜Donkey kong 64ā€™ i think there was the same or a similar piece used with Lankyā€™s boss battleā€¦
Very nice

Very nice. 5/5

I love how the instruments just mash together, and create such a beautiful melody.
I use to play Banjo Kazooie all day when I was younger. Really, really good game. Along with Banjo Tooie.

Wow that was really good. You did great work! A song that deserves to be featured. glares at some of the other featured songs

I have banjo-kazoie on my flash drive now

I never got the chance to play it for the N64

I actually got Grant Kirkhope to listen to it, this is what he said

Note* My email name is Larry.

Wow how did you get Grant to listen to it?

because he is Grant Kirkhope

Right now Iā€™m confused.

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This is probably the best song that Iā€™ve listened to so far.
Itā€™s freakin awesome.