Bass growl test by Hellstick

A test to see how well i could make a bass growl sound thingy.
There is a bonus in sheet 1.

Edit- it actually sounds kinda cool in the new player. There’s a sort of high pitched beep on top of the growl that sounds sort of awesome:P


I think it sounds loads better in the new player.

Sheet 1 is really cool. I like measure 2.

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The high pitched beep on the Synth Bass #1 in the new player is usually really annoying, but it does sound cool here.

This is rad.

I liked the old player version slightly more…the growl doesn’t sound as good…
You should finish this?

I like new player too xD that high pitched screeewl >;D

Its gone xD another edit by starburst and we lost the screeewl

(I really do like the edit though starburst, im just sayin’… we lost the SCREEEWL!)