Battalion of One by The Arcanist

…Now the desert moon will shine

First track composed for Notessimo. It works off of 2 simple chord progressions, but it’s busy enough that it shouldn’t be overly noticeable.
I’ve got a lot of questions about Notessimo, and I’m not entirely sure where I should be asking them; though, mostly, I’m worried about song ownership and rights. I’m wondering if I can use music composed in this software for a video game, particularly if I want to sell the game for a profit.

Regardless, thanks for your time, and enjoy the song. -The Arcanist


I assume that it would be completely fine to do so.

Plenty of other people have used songs they’ve made in Notessimo 2 and 3 in video games, I don’t think Starburst minds. The issue isn’t so much that you make the song using Notessimo, but more the samples being used, which I believe are all royalty-free anyway.

I see. Thanks for the information.

I’m glad to see people respond to new postings on the site so quickly. I was worried that the community might have gone inactive after the song posting error. Is there somewhere else where you all stay in touch? I can’t imagine communicating through song comments is the best way to do this.

We got a discord. And we’ve stuck around for years so don’t worry, a little song error ain’t gonna kill us off, we’re like cockroaches :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, the song’s alright, but the chords/lead combos don’t mesh well (B in chord, C in lead, etc). Could use a lot less of the filler sections.

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