Battle! Champion Iris

The Champion battle theme from Pokemon Black and White 2
Used Panning from official song headphones recommended

Bought a tuner to fix up the Saw Lead#1 it now says its in tune not sure how accurate it is though

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The Saw Lead #1 is out of tune.

Joking aside i’m now gonna go back through and see if i can fix it up

your right some of the saw lead 1# are off but it doesn’t seem all the tones are affected g5 is right but d6 has to be placed 1 tone higher

gonna make a spreadsheet to make a list of all the notes that need changing

Is Stereo Grand Mellow the best instrument to tune the Saw Lead #1 to?


Good news i found the problem notes they are mainly between A5 and G6
is there a way to tune them in either the instruments or samples tab or is there something else i need to do

Samples can be tuned in the samples tab.

Thanks for the help the tuner i got is now saying its in tune not sure about the accuracy though it was a bit cheap.