Battle of the E-Peens

I find myself at a new zenith of unproductivity. While any musical skill I had slowly atrophies away, I’ve taken up (or rather “resumed”) wasting my time on teh flash games. Exposition’s all done–now to the point.

I’m opening up a flash game challenge thread for those of us in a similar slump, or for those hyper-competitive types.

Not sure if it’s going to be a first-one-to-complete-the-challenge-offers-the-next-challenge challenge or a challenge-ends-after-x-days-and-those-completing-the-challenge-get-recognized-on-a-podium-of-sorts challenge or a thread-that-dies-after-two-replies-and-twenty-views-becuase-nobody-wants-to-do-this-bullshit challenge.

Challenge Primo

The first challenge will consist of me laughing while you fail over-and-over again.
Your goal is to surmount (or tie… I guess) any of the incredible scores I’ve posted for Black Navy War. So, uh, yeah, get to it.
Stage 1 - 36726
Stage 2 - 37660
Stage 3 - 43862
Stage 4 - 44188
Stage 5 - 54296
Stage 6 - 58408
Stage 7 - 65042
Stage 8 - 78204
Stage 9 - 96690
Stage 10 - 108044

Stage 1 score: 938! BEAT THAT

Arg, closest I can get to you stage one score is 32000. And of course, there’s hackers taking over the leaderboard with about 2,000,000,000 or so…

Tangerine Panic.
My high score: 556


Oh, are we doing this? Thought it was veto-ed via disinterest a month ago.

I made it to 99 (hlisten)
And holy shit it’s Hypo! Where’ve you been?

This is why I love the internet.

Yeah, I know. I really thought this thread would be popular though.

2nd attempt at thread necromancy:

My highscore is 87.


Droppin’ off a post in this ghost town of a thread.
My new highscore in Tangerine Panic is 572. I got bored in
French class. Shut up.