Bend/trombone effect

Pretty much on the edit note screen there should be a thing that IF checked will enable a effect that uses the following.

Starting note. What note the transition should start on.
Ending note. What note should the transition end on.
End length. How long the note should go after reaching the last note
Delay. How long into the note the transition starts.
Middle Note. Optional. The note between the start and end note so you can go up then down.

Basically in this the transition is like how a slide whistle or a bend or a trombone goes up and down without slurs or stopping.
Add on.

rather than in the edit note screen, i think it should be one of the “pointers” (i.e. delete, select, move). the first note will turn red (or a different colour) so you know what note you selected.

Hm yeah, I like REA’s idea… click the first and second note… then click on a line or space that you want it to bend up/down to… that’d be cool

Or you could use that to do a slide on guitar.

Hey yeah, that’s true

Bend and slides are similar almost well not really but ya i like REA’s idea. Sandalman is retarted.

lol trombone effect is called a glissando!