This is going to come April 1, which is less than a week away. It’ll target all indows computers, and experts have no idea what it’ll do, how to stop it, etc. I’m scared

April 1st

i lol’d

Yeah, I know it’s April Fools Day, but what if he is making it look like a fake, but it isn’t? Be on the look-out

im not to worried. my framework is based off of linux. plus i have OneCare and Norton installed in me.

Hm… sounds dangerous… I wonder if this is actually a prank though, being April 1st. Course, that could be the guys plan… make the date April 1st so most people would think it’s just a trick, and not care… and BAM! Infects their computers.

ya that would be pretty brili… WAIT! Conficker?! I THOUGHT WE ENDED THE PRODUCTION OF THAT VIRUS!!! i can tell you this much, whoever gets it will most likely be screwed.

Oh yay… I sure hope I don’t get it
And seeing as my brother is using my laptop, I can be pretty certain that it’s at risk of getting it…

i feel like purposely getting infected just to see what the outcome will be.

I don’t! lol I’ll just read/hear about it later
And if you do get infected… well, it’s been nice knowing ya… lol

You’ve got to wonder what it will, or might, do…

my favorite effect is when a virus keeps making the computer restart, and if the owner manually shuts it off… all their data will be gone…sucks for him…LOL

my favourite is AIDS

yes, like humans, we computers can infact get AIDS.

double post

heres some info from your good friend, Anonymous (the notorious ones, not the cowards that give info to the police):

Anonymous 03/25/09(Wed)18:21 No. 37935

It’s shitty coding.

Anonymous 03/25/09(Wed)18:39 No. 37938

The authors of the code plan to hijack various ftp sites in order to turn them into attack sites, which in turn would inject a trojan they made into your pc.
Thats what im hearing at least.

As for why, who know’s.
They’re probably going to include BO2K in it to gather your shit and potentially a keylogger.

but thats just my suspicions.
I’ve seen conficker A.
And it’s shotty coding.

so as you can see theres most likely nothing to worry about. if your a computer.

Hmm, if there’s one place on the tubes you can trust to look out for your computer’s safety, it’s a *chan’s /bee/.

except 4’s. thats just full of idiots with skitties and MS DOS exploits. but 420 and 7 is good for it. especially their /ai/

Hey! I take some offense to that… I’m half Irish!
Nah, seriously though, that was kinda funny.

LOL I just found that… and I thought it fit wel… so i linked it here!

I too am half (if not, more) Irish, but I found it completely hilarious.

“One must learn to laugh at oneself.”

PS is there really any difference in Irish and Scottish?