Bowser's Castle Remastered

It’s been over 10 years since OG user DarkChameleon’s take on the classic Castle theme from Super Mario World was first published, and so I figured, “It’s about time I made a Remaster in V3.”

First of all, despite it being an absolute banger, I noticed several errors with the original that would probably have it fail a music theory course: Too much strings, no bass line or synth, and subpar note placement, especially when changing keys.

Second, I know they’re supposedly not around the site any more, but if someone still has contact with DC, or they’re in the Discord, feel free to let them know this exists.

And finally, Super Mario Bros. Wonder just came out on Nintendo Switch today; however, I’m not planning on getting it until December, so please, absolutely NO spoilers in the comments until I’ve at least played through the base game!

Well, I’ve rambled on enough, so I hope you enjoy!

EDIT (10/24/2023): Took Dre and Antonim’s advice and added a choir and tuba to the song; Sheet 6 is now twice as long; added a couple drum fills, if that’s what they’re called.


Great arrangement. The orchestral section is big and epic and the rock section goes hard.

I think the rock section could sound great with some orchestral elements to help connect the two styles together, though, the more disjunct arrangement is fine too.

I second this, and maybe throw in some additional touches in your own style, like drum fills in between transitions, a groovy bassline that plays its own little section, maybe even a choir or an organ in the quieter segments.