Bug: Can't use Scroll Bar in the New Player

While looking through some V3 songs, I was wanting to look through the instruments and such, and see the entire piece. However, for some reason the V3/new player scroll bar won’t scroll up or down what-so-ever. Not sure if anyone else has this bug, as I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it.

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Use the old player.

You’re an idiot. He’s talking about wanting to view instruments in V3 songs. V3 songs DO NOT work in the Old Player.

There is another bug though. You should be able to hover your mouse over a note and it would give you some info on it. Does not work anymore. The line in the middle that scrolls across the song is broken, and can only be PARTIALLY fixed by zooming in then out (by partially I mean it’ll stay in the middle, even at the beginning and end of songs). Also the Download WAV option has horrible quality (This isn’t a bug but I’m just pointing it out).

Press the 1 button.

Tried this, didn’t do anything.

Press the plus and minus buttons a few times then press 1, it’ll stay in the middle.

Still doesn’t fix the scroll bar, and it doesn’t get it to stay in the middle either.

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