C Auxiliary Diminished Phrasing by Scale Phraser

Bored again so i decided to make a new song with a new scale i leaned so here it is! Tell me what you think

I liked sheet 0 until the rhodes came in…

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whats wrong with the Rhodes

Stop making random rhythms and un-fitting instrument solos.

The rhodes go out of tune. So does the low piano. Surely you can hear that it sounds bad right? Also, don’t put all your notes on 300% volume.

Make covers until you’re better at making songs from scratch.

Stop making songs that are so random, I’m sure that many people have told you that! Also, stick to a certain melody/tune, it really gets annoying when you keep changing the song and instruments.

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they need tuning

A word of advice: Don’t make songs when you’re bored.

i understand the 1st advice, but whats wrong with my instruments?

you need to work on build up. at the end of each phrase you keep dumping these instrument lines and replacing them with more and most of the time its just one instrument playing at a time. here’s a challenge. Next song you make go 6 phrases into the song without removing a single instrument line. then go another 6 phrases slowly removing instrument lines. Also who one cares if the instrument is out of tune, that’s no excuse to use them. They aren’t gonna get fixed anytime soon. and until then just don’t use the instruments that are out of tune at all. Its useless and ruins a song. if you click on an instrument and it goes out of tune even after like 4 seconds DON’T use it. Its useless and will ruin your song. You shouldn’t just get lazy and use them because they SHOULD be fixed when they AREN’T gonna be fixed anytime soon. Its useless and ruins the dang song. (I’m hoping this repetition is telling you anything)DON’T even think for a second that using an out of tune instrument is a good idea (exception would be using drums). besides no one cares if the instrument is out of tune it ruins your song… etc.

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Honestly Measures 5 and 6 (from sheet 0) were really awesome :D

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The first thing that came to my mind when I read these comments and listened to the song at the same time was… This is whack, I agree nice chord progression, Just stop with the random instruments like low piano and rhodes, that church organ kina sucked too… 2/5 Cuz’ I’m nice…

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