Warning: Loud

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Vox isn’t loud enough. Title is unfitting.

Want me to change the title?

I like the title name. Don’t hate for originality!

Nyan Cat is unfitting because Nyan cat isn’t Nyan! Hate on that Ace!

wow, wow calm down dude…

Nyan Cat completely suits the song. It is a cat flying through outer space "nyan"ing!

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Lyrics for 00:29:53 - 00:51:68;

Let’s eat, the Choc-olate,
The Supreme Chocolate Ca-ake.
Su-perb Cake, the Choc-olate
Cake, with Icing, and Ice Cream, plus Pu-dding.
It’ll fill ya’! So tasty. I can’t wait! EAT!!!

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Chocolate Cake ? Chocolate ? :o


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I love that song, and this one too :D