Can someone catch me up to speed with how Notessimo is now?

First off, I realize I’m probably breaking rules. If need be, just remove the thread, and nothing else, please.
Okay so it’s been a long time since I’ve been here, and a lot has obviously changed. Last time I was here was around 2012, I believe, and I think fishrocker was still here. Since my cringe-worthy dark days of frequenting this forum and acting as if I knew my way around Notessimo and music and general, I have actually learned at least a little bit about music. Last time I was here was around 2012, and even then I was starting to come here less often. I liked the community back then and would like to be a part of it again after my three year hiatus. Please, I would like to know what’s happened, what names should I know, what everything is like, etc…
Thanks, m8s.

Well, for starters, there are a few people here who are potentially worse than you probably were in your time.


V3 happened, too.


Moderators and Maestros have access to V3 for beta testing. Example

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Get on skype nao


Thanks for the shoutout mate:)

First of all HI! Always nice to see old users return:)
There is some new faces and some old. Right now there is a bit of an uproar about V3 not being publicly accessible but frankly the whole discussion is a mess and way out of hand. A lot of people is handling it badly: there is a lot of insults being thrown around and the same arguments are repeated over and over again so I’d suggest just staying out of it.
Here’s some info to clearify the maestro thing though:
v3 came to a point where Starbust thought it was ready to test. He invited the moderators to test it along with a handful of users he deemed appropriate. The users would then get the maestro rank. We were and still are testing it and reporting the bugs we find to Starbust.

Hehe yup! Long time no chit chat, my friend! I think I used to be on the old Notessimo Skype group, and I think you’re still in my contacts on there. I’ll try and hunt you down after typing this to see what needs to be done.

Aw damn, I heard v3 and I wanted to jump on that. I’ll wait, I guess, just like everyone else, now that I know the situation. A bit disappointing, but I’m not upset. Just wish I could play around with the new toy.

Also not sure who did that DnB shit but I think it was Hellstick (whose name I remember from the old days too) and like holy shit that was amazing. I want v3.

Sounds like a reasonal approach:)
And the track qoby linked it was indeed made by me. Thanks a lot for the compliment :slight_smile:

hellstick is like the worst composer on this site /sarcasm

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Welcome back ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
We will say that these days , the atmosphere is tense…

Yeah it does seem kind of… tense, I guess. Not quite as nice as I thought. Any reason why?

The whole v3 thing set a lot of unnecessary fights off, but it looks like it might be clearing up soon :slight_smile:

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It’s only really Skyriad causing them as far as I know.



Apparently not. Guys, chill.

When V3 is not discussed, you don’t really have to worry. People nowadays are pretty laid-back and/or like to throw offensive jokes and memes at each other. 2013 was a major turning point in Notessimo history.


Aliens stop causing drama