"Cannot read file"

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Did try at Ravel’s Bolero with the standard program but after weeks of work (3 MB is a lot), opening the file has the loading page freezing at 25% for a while then the “CANNOT READ FILE!” appearing.

Should’ve backed up, regretfully. Good thing it can be done all over again since that old file was not yet to scale by volume.

Off topic question: what are the suggested volume levels for dynamics (for starters: pianissimo and fortissimo) and for accent marks?

File reads okay for me. You’ll wanna split your arrangement into separate sheets, though. It’ll allow you to use the same section of arrangement without the hassle of manually notating it all over again.

For volume levels, I personally tend to set my loudest instruments no louder than 10. -50 is probably the closest value to dead silent.

For accents, it’s more about how long the note plays. Sixteenth notes make for good staccato values, considering their short lifespan. Fade-out can also be used to pseudo-extend the note length.

Looks like it only happens in Chrome, opening in Internet Explorer 11 has no problem today. If split into separate sheets, should it be by instrument, or (around the) rehearsal number? If the latter, the first sheet should be the first four bars of Bolero, second sheet is the other half, third sheet is two bars after rehearsal 1 starting with the clarinet, etc.

Assuming 0 is f(orte), so -49 can be pppp, around 40 can be ppp, around 30 is pp as it seems? And 10 can be fff or ffff… got them.
Bolero has lots of sixteenth triplets so it may not be used for staccato, but already experimented with the thirty-seconds. Currently experimenting the fade-out feature.

Yeah, I’d say go with the latter. Using too many sheets can put a strain on the program’s processing capabilities, so it’s best to keep everything condensed.

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