Cards Against Notessimo
go here and click on the top right corner to log in.
now, I am testing to see if this will work or not.
as the email, I created a spam one :
password: starburst
I’m hoping you can get in so that you can edit and add on to the CaN card deck I created. tell me if it works
We can then use it in a future game night

once logged in go to build, then click the Cards against Notessimo

also feel free to post any of your favorite decks

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::: :)))))

(what if people troll and destroy the deck?)

(there’s no login service besides google and facebook…do i really have to go through all the trouble with google for the notessimo account…)

well, I didn’t want to give away personal Facebook Info so…

how about this: just DM me card suggestions: both black and white

what cards are there already? send me a link to the deck

apparently that page doesn’t exist

Why are there multiple V3 cards?

also put what i’ve done as a response

just for the fun of it. really

Definitely need a few Undertale responses

Added a couple


disregard post. posting links to cardcasts for future games
5S5H3 - TaC
VKNPY - CaN v2
9ARTR - TaC v2

I couldn’t log into your account using the email and password. Regardless, I do want to give some card suggestions, so I’ll just DM you here.

Also, you might want to proofread some of the cards you’ve got now, some of them have bad phrasing.

yeah there was a security issue.
I will consider using some of your suggestions