cartrox's songs and more. V3

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You Made No Money Released: 2012

  • You Made No Money
  • ...As In A Dream
  • Glitchin'
  • Influenza
  • Journey To The Sun
  • Later.
  • The Veldt (remix)
  • Untitled No. 2
Another One Released: 2012
  • A Hazard
  • Go
  • Stutter
  • Just Relax
  • Silence
  • Some Song
  • Main Street
  • Virus Remix
  • Walking On
  • What You Know
  • You Made No Money (2nd Edit)
Beta Carotene (bandcamp link soon i promise) Released: 2013
  • 2÷0=
  • Let Go
  • Surrounded
  • Chaotic Mess
  • Still Creative For Once
  • Creative For Once
  • Blake Reary - Hanging On (cartrox remix)
Piano (bandcamp link soon) Released: 2013
  • Piano 1
  • and then we danced.
  • Continue On
  • Bleh!
  • Piano 2
  • Galaga
  • Rubberbands
  • Piano 3
  • In Colour
  • All I Ever Know
  • Plugins, Presets, Piano Rolls
  • Piano 4
  • Hi Carly
  • It's You
  • Lost in Numbers
  • Piano 5
Story Released: 2013
  • Man on the Moon
  • Bitfox/cartrox - Nightmare
  • The Big Picture
  • Tepid
  • So I Left
  • Conflict is Rising
  • cartrox/Eleventy 49 - Summer Chill
  • Impact
  • Waiting For It
  • Z Kvxforzi Grgov
  • We Need a Beat!
  • Celebrate (Together)
  • The Big Picture (cartrox remix)
Images Released: 2013
  • plug it in
  • orca matrix
  • sjálshvarf
  • sanity2
  • funky cnidarian
  • squelchwash
  • oxcart rim
  • just like you
  • look at my face
  • back into the light
  • feel this
  • sanity1b
  • chip1b+2v2
  • jeg liker å prøve musikk
  • cctv
  • raucous idiosyncrasy
  • ...and launch
  • and it's funky
  • all that jazz
  • wound up
  • no real music
  • emotion redux
  • you made no money redux
Images (Continuous Mix)

Notable Singles:

  • A Hazard
  • Hanging On (cartrox remix)
  • and then we danced.
  • Galaga
  • Rubberbands
  • Man On The Moon
  • Nightmare
  • Tepid
  • The Big Picture
  • Zildex/cartrox - Knocked Out
  • feel this
  • just like you
  • back into the light
  • oxcart rim
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  • nt5tfx2015
Other things: Unreleased Works '11-'13 Collection of Short Songs
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the main problem I find with your songs is that they are very repetitive. other than that good work and hope to see more songs from you.

instead of reviewing journey to the sun I will tell you that it is a grand improvement from your other songs as far as repetitiveness, I can see how hard you were trying to keep it as non repetitive as possible… but it still was pretty repetitive, but your on your way there.

I really like Creepers.

Journey to the Sun was really good, too. Very MAU5y.

Hmm. Not really what i was going for but okay.

I liked Journey to Sun. Except the pianos were a bit random. But it was great as a background song to something.

Well, that drum part was very different from him.

I also can’t think of any popular techno artists besides Mau5.

And I can’t really compare you to Renard, he never makes any 2 songs sound alike.

Glad that you like it though.
By the way, who’s Renard?

The best techno artist ever.

Remember that one song “intensive glass unit” by Star (fluttershy)?

That’s actually by Renard.

Its called intensive care unit.

they were perfectly sensible… you just can’t understand it. I think he should have extended the piano part and make the melody… because it was very hard for me to find the melody at times.

Usually when someone tells you something sounds random on this site it means that it goes off key…
Which can be done, but is usually very hard to make sound good. of course its possible if you are going for atonal theory.

I like JttS. Very catchy. It’s gonna be stuck in my head for the next 2 hours. >.>

No, by random I meant the pianos only appeared for those notes, and it doesn’t make sense to include a new instrument just for a few notes.

well in enemy among us (evil beneath)
theres a piano that only comes in for a few notes.

Hmm. Not a bad Idea! Thanks!

And that song was very random.

Hey mrteddy, in about 3 days i’m releasing the extended piano version to JTTS! Thanks for the idea it was really good! :D

can’t wait

Anybody like my new cover so far?

Good… so far.