Castlevania medley by Simon Belmont

I am a huge Castlevania fan, and this is my cover of NES-SNES era Castlevania games remixed with metal.

I just kept the title simple, cause it’s freaking CASTLEVANIA!

Note: This is quite lenghty, epic 9 minute song, so prepare yourself

To get the best sound quality, use the old player. Other players mess up the sound



Like, Dude.

Best 9 minutes of my time yet.

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I’m glad you liked it! This took a decent amount of time to make

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Whoah nice, too bad it’s not V3 :c

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Yeah i know. I started this when v3 wasn’t even out

Still good tho

Request: Change the name to “Castlevania Medley”


To be honest, I’m glad this is in V2 and not V3.
This is fantastic :smiley:

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Though I kinda wish there was some more Bloody Tears than just the intro, this as a whole is amazing.

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That’s actually a good idea, rather than calling it just castlevania. Yeah, i’m gonna change it

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Featured :ballot_box_with_check:


Yay! My first feature! Thx man

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sound quality? (worst/low/medium/high/best)

:smiley: Love this!!!

though, my memory eludes me, what’s the one at 3:48?

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slow clap

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That’s from Super Castlevania 4, which is my favorite Castlevania game. i think it’s called Simon’s theme

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Never played any Castlevania, due to the reason of not owning any old nintendo consoles, but I should listen to the original soundtrack sometime soon, sounds good!

Thanks! Good lord Castlevania was awesome…

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