Cat Alley by Onionability/ Orangeade

My first full song that’s not a copy. I’m still working on Let It Be. As It turns out, Using sheets makes this a lot faster than without. Yep. I completely forgot about that with my other projects. Anyways, I wasn’t sure if some of the transitions were smooth enough, such as at 1:00 and 1:12. I hope this is satisfactory. UPDATE: I just realized after uploading that the Acoustic Guitars are too loud. I will fix this ASAP.

It’s way too cluttered from the start and doesn’t evolve into anything interesting by the concluding sheet.
My suggestion is to take one line on one sheet (the acoustic guitar arpeggio in layer 4, for example), make it a bit more unique (vary from broken chords or using varied note durations, for example), and then build upon it using other lines and additions as you add more sheets. Once you reach a point where the current phrase begins to sound boring, switch things up with a transition or unexpected twist.
The aforementioned process is usually how I compose. Even though I don’t end up with a finished song most of the time, it usually sounds good enough.

Haha yeah thanks for the help. I’m currently fixing the flaws and will be adding a better start and guitar chords. The solo (If you could call it that) in sheet 4 is going to be changed,and I’ll try and change volumes on certain instruments to make it sound smoother. Like I said, this is my first “Full” work. Thanks for the feedback once again.

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