CC2017 - Sheets fixes

Is that better?

Attempting to fix sheets overlap issue in collab 2017.


Copying part of my answer from this thread.

Because of some fundamental differences in the way V3 / V4 format differs, sometimes sheets can “overlap” because of some “rounding” error.

Part of the issue is the positioning of sheets after a “silence”, they need to be exact otherwise this issue can arise (and getting exact positioning is really hard in V3 song editor).

In cc2017 the sheets looks like that currently:

Some tiny spaces that can appears:

But it’s not just tiny spaces, even huge spaces if they are not “exact” (precise to the beat and especially if tempo change in-between) can cause this issue. I will probably not invest time fixing this problem (which only exists in V3 convert in certain circumstances).

Instead, this can be fixed in the V3 editor by re-positioning the sheets and trying to remove as much spaces as possible.

My new version with “better” sheet positioning to prevent this issue:

Moving sheets to the top track also gives a better experience since the player will display by default measures from it (and also adjust tempo).

Now that I think about it, part of the issue might also be caused by tempo change, which can be mitigated again by making sure “Sheets” that change tempo are on the top track.

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For the most part, this is fine. However, I think the top lane priority is causing an audio issue where notes in the lower lanes get their lengths cut shorter than intended. Case in point, 8:02 mark.

Awww yes you are right, I did that rather quickly and most likely need some fine-tuning.

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