Channel 42 [Unreleased Version] (COMPLETE) by deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner by cartrox

Okay, so I used SuperPickle2’s tip on using the Duplicate Sheet and not having glitches, so let’s hope there’s no glitches… o_0

But, it’s finished! Please tell what you think.

Like, rate, comment, enjoy!

Video used:

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- YouTube

And in the video there will be watermarks, crowd cheering, and a song mixed in at the beginning (the ticking noise). These are because it was an HQ rip from a concert. I just didn’t put those in. So it sounds a lot different!

And when the real song officially comes out Sept. 25, this is also when deadmau5’s next album ‘>album title goes here<’ comes out, I will update this because it could have new effects or instruments. If I don’t have to, welllll… then I won’t. DUH!

If there are any problems/differences about the song, tell me.


EDIT: I updated little wrong notes in the synthesizer #3 in sheets 19-21.

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First view :D



12th View

unless carrot wants me to.


I know I said I wasnt a big fan of Deadmou5 but this is awesome! 4.5/5

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god, i agree with Ice, i like this song because of its epicness