Collab Hellstick/QVX (Now with solo...thingy) by Hellstick/QVX

Sorry about the delay =(!!
Note: Something needs to go between sheets 29 and 30


Awesome guys! I love Sheet 27, It amazes me! Oh, and QVX, are we still working on our song?

Felt some repetition before Sheet 18
Cymbals too soft in Sheet 18
Some odd snare placements
Toms odd
LOVED the bass drum
Very good, little improvements needed.

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The drop is AMAZING but it needs something more intense in my opinion. It sort of just leads up to add nothing but hi hats.

Mister… I don’t think I like your attitude.

What??? What he said was perfect… no song is perfect… so he pointed out what he thought needed a change and said what he liked…

Nice song…

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