collab yellowtail/teddy by Yellowtail and Teddy

here you go yellowtail!

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1st view, but i swear i heard this on jmans profile

Jmans profile only has two songs… one of them is a cover and the other doesn’t sound like this at all. Maybe your thinking about someone else.

Kill it with fire!!

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LOL you said Twisted.

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Oh no… Lets not start that here…

Also. This is absolutely amazing. 10/10 would listen.


could be cool, The blending of everything is cool sometimes and… not cool other times… that synth vox 1# sounded real bad to me.

I think it could be good, but would like to see a bit more clarity between notes and things (it seemed a bit random at times and hard to tell what was going on)


isnt this with yellowtail? xP xD

I can’t even hear the synth vox’s

really? wow I can hear it loud (I hate how different earbuds and speakers pick up sounds more/less) facepalm

yeah my headphones are half broken so some stuff comes out more and some stuff comes out less.

Nice work Teddy!


Plus that kind of hurt my feelings D: