This forum is overdue for a collab. thread, well, was overdue.
Here’s how it’s going down:

  1. Post an uncompleted song to be collaborated upon or a completed song to be remixed.
  2. Specify a member for the collab. or take-all-comers.
  3. Do not post the finished product here. Post it in the proper genre’s thread.

Protip: PMs are a great way to keep the forums uncluttered while conveying useful information to select individuals.

I’ll start the bidding with sci-fi. Sentient
I wouldn’t mind seeing AFB or Skycakes take a pass at this, but anybody’s welcome.

Don’t everyone sign-up at once…


I’m abdicating my title of Forum Nazi to you Heart. -Hypo

Well, I’m working on Toccata and Fugue by Bach and I really suck at it. It’ll be kinda cool if we combined our efforts to make the song.

well, i errr, i liked Sentient

is sentient original or real? cause ill try my hand if its your creation

How dare you insinuate thievery! But yeah, it’s original. I don’t put my pseudonym on “real” songs. Less gabbing, moar collabing.

thats not what i meant, what i meant was, is it a real thing like a tv show.

I don’t know but I hope to see someone work on it

I’m willing to take some of this action… just gimme some time and I’ll put somethin’ cool together.

I’m going to try to develop something for Sentient and make something original.

Missing something? What do youse all think?

Also, I’m looking for someone to mold this into a knightly character theme.

Check out the newer Credence I think sheet 3 needs a organ solo or somtin.

Well, here is a little taste of what I’m doing with Sentient.

If you like this go to my thread to here more songs.

Final Credence


I may improve.


This is as far as I’m going with this song. I’m fairly pleased, I just can’t think of anything new to add on, I don’t really like to make songs with alot of repetition.

?id=27634 someone wanna work on this with me?

no, but a little advice. The beginning starts a little strong. I would create a thing like at the beginning of hyrule field or something to get it going

thanks for the advice, i guess ill do it myself unless someone else tells me otherwise, or asks…

i’m gonna throw out a line. lemme know if i get a nibble.

I’ve never done a collab, and i can be a bit domineering, but i really need help with this.

For some reason whenever I try to think of something next, I always just get a blank in my head… I think it has something to to do with the fact this is the only song of mine that doesn’t have a metal guitar… HALP!!!1!!!11!