Any of you out there in college? Have any stories to share? Recommendations? Anyone have a college they want to go to? Post here!

I personally would like to go to The Ohio State University. I went there once just a few weeks ago and my cousin showed me around. It looks pretty nice. My marching band also got to march in the stadium there last year for a competition.

nothing like resurrecting one of the oldest topics on the forum…

In answer to your over half-year old question I’m going to Iowa State University right now. Not exactly living the college life though. I live 45 minutes away from the campus with my soon to be wife in 3 days and I work full time. The college life is highly recommended for those of you still in high school (which might be about 95% of you) but please don’t work and go to school both full time, you’ll have no life. Also if you can live ON CAMPUS! You meet more people that way and you get to enjoy the full college experience that way. I really wish I could’ve done that, but when I graduated, I was an IDIOT and got married to a dumb bitch (sorry for the language, but she cheated on me and got pregnant so I can call her whatever I want!) at the age of 19. Yes, very stupid, but a learning experience nonetheless. Now I’m 24, about to go into my sophomore year at Iowa State, and about to marry someone much better than my first one (she actually lets me play ps3 and watch football on Sundays! Ha!). The downside is, because of my long delay, I have too many bills piled up to not work at all during school, but next semester I will be able to drop down to part time! So word of advice, after graduation go straight to college, do not pass go and collect as much free shit as you can! If you are really set in taking some time off of school, take ONE YEAR off and then go. Just don’t get sucked into staying away from college…oh, and major in something that will ACTUALLY MAKE YOU MONEY, no need to piss away $40,000 on some degree where you can make the same money at wal-mart.

Ohio State Jman? My mom grew up in Michigan, which makes me kinda like Michigan since she’s a big fan of them (though I’m an Iowa State fan at heart)…guess that means…uh…SCREW OHIO STATE!!!

Thank you for that advice, but I still like Ohio State! It’s just wierd if you live in Ohio and are not a fan.

what, Ohio Bobcats and Cincinnati Bearcats not good enough for you? What about the Cleveland State Vikings? Dayton Flyers? Xavier Musketeers? Kent State Golden Flashes or Toledo Rockets? Miami U. RedHawks? Not right for the Wright State Raiders? Or what about my personal favorite out of Ohio, the Youngstown State Penguins!!! Go belly-floppers!!!

No, they’re not! Although, I do know some Cincinnati, Xavier, and UD fans. There are also a few Miami Redhawk fans here, too. Most of the people I know, though, are fans of OSU. Also, the Ohio State University marching band has helped give us our state rock song: Hang on Sloopy.