Community Feedback on the (Now Closed) 25th-31st March Features Poll

So I’m gonna kick this off with a new topic. Fill this thread with songs you think ought to be featured and I’ll add them to a poll. It will be open until the 31st of March, at which point the thread will be locked and the votes will be tallied.

For now, there’s not really any guidelines for us to follow since this is the first thread of this type since Notessimo came back to life and thus I’d like to run it as a pseudo-test to see how much interest there is and what info we can gain for next month’s poll. So for now, anything goes, you can submit as many songs as you’d like (be sure to add links and not embeds for posts with multiple songs please!) and you will also be able to vote on whichever songs you think should be featured (one vote per song). At the end, we’ll have a tally and see which songs got the most votes and discuss what the bar for featured songs will be as mods, at which point there will be an announcement.

I’ll be participating here as well, with the first two submissions:

Footfall By Trevz & Muci

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Added this to the poll

From Aliens

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Does it have to be originals or can it be covers?
Can I submit one of my songs?

  1. Either is fine
  2. Yes (I’ve added it)

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Added :slight_smile:

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fuck it


Alright everyone, the mods have discussed it and we’ve decided that for this round of voting, the top 4 songs will be featured. Congratulations to the composers of the following songs:

“Empty Space” by Hellstick w/ 9 votes!
“Omnipotence” by Aliens w/ 7 votes!
“Saga of the Dragon (V3 Port)” by Star w/ 5 votes!
“MK Ultra” by Muse (transcribed by Boombleeb) w/ 5 votes!

And of course, thank you to everyone who participated in the process by suggesting songs and voting along. I think personally, for now, that this system will be fine while the community remains small. If we start growing again and the suggestions start to become overwhelming we might bring back some of the old rules to add more focus. I’ve changed the title and poll and now encourage users to reply here and vote so we can get some feedback on this system, as always we are open to suggestions!