Concert Band Music

I’m part of my school’s symphonic band and we have just finished our first concert of the year, meaning we need new music that we can play at the district contest. If anyone has any Ideas for music we could use, please post them here. Remember, my band instructor will only take slightly more challenging music (3-4 maybe 5 on a 1-5 scale of difficulty).

We currently have 3 pieces. They are Brighton Beach, Overture For Winds, and Manatee Lyric Overture.

If you would like to hear our performance, the links are in my signature.

The marriage of figaro
Among the Clouds… Not sure if it’s too difficult

I definately think Among the Clouds is something our band instructor would be interested in. I will talk to him about it. Thank you heartasword.

Now I’m not so sure. The more I listen to it, the easier it seems. Our band director said something about a new piece today. Can’t wait to find out what it is.

In our schools band that my brothers in they played, One Final Effort from Halo. It was fricken awesome!

you could try, one of the planets songs(or the whole piece) that has up to neptune i believe, sorry i forgot who its by but i heard it was a bit challenging.

Jupiter is fun

lol Our concert was like 5 months ago and I’m in a different band now. But you can still use this thread to talk about concert band music.

Right now, my school’s band only has 2 pieces of music. We need more! I want you guys on notessimo to make a song for us! Here are the instruments you can have.

  1. Clarinet
  2. Snare Drum
  3. Cymbals
  4. Bass Drum
  5. Trumpet
  6. Timpani
  7. Alto Saxaphone
  8. Flute
  9. Trombone
  10. Woodblock
  11. Guitar(Maybe, I’ll talk to the guy about it if he wants to play.)

That’s it. Once you’ve made the song, Please make it into sheet music, with each instruments part separate! Email it to me when your done.


I’ve always wanted to hear these notessimo songs performed by an orchestra:

Confidence Chase
Don’t call it chemistry
So blind
Sparks of inspiration
Fish’s Song
Lay of the soldier

Pretty much look for slow tempo songs that don’t rely to much on drums (So Blind) with lead non-orchestra instruments that can be easily played on an orchestra instrument (Dont call it chemisty’s bass line).

They can’t have violins and I need sheet music…