Continue? by XxDYNAMYTExX (With suggestions from hellstick)

W/ Some tips from hellstick

Continue this.
But move the synths up an octave and change those flats and sharps to something else. =)

Hmm, i think i have an idea

This sounds oddly familiar to some melody I’ve heard before…

Basshunter? Thats all i can think of. Any comments/ratings?

Myte… you always ask what people think of short “drum n’ bass(ish)” songs. Its to short to say its bad… its to short to say its good. Could you make somthing out of it? Yes you could.

(I used to post like 10 second things and ask people what they thought of it… not smart… so I am telling you because I have made the same mistake myself =D)

maybe, it’s ur choice, this is the only song I don’t like from you… I like the other songs that you make, I just don’t like this, Sorry :(

Well in a way this is an expirament. Im exited to see where im going to take myself

continue it, Dynamyte, its a great experiment