Copy Measure

I’ve mentioned a copy measure bug before, and I’ve finally pin-pointed it. The copy measure function works as one would expect most of the time, but as you make more sheets the chances of encountering this bug increases.
When you are copying from a sheet that is significantly higher than 0, say 10, typing 10 into the box seems a faster alternative to clicking the [↑] button 10 times, right? Herein lies the bug.
When clicked, the measures copy in full.
But, when typed, it seems to only copy the first line of the sheet, then either repeats that line or leaves blank measures to fill the total number of measures you are copying.
Can anyone verify/has anyone even encountered this?

I’ve encountered this. 4 year bump!

you really had to bring this back?


Fix this by using the arrow to move the sheet down then up manually and use the arrows to make sure your measures are being read correctly.