Couldn't access website yesterday... SQL Error?

SQL Error

An error occured with the SQL server:

This is not a problem with IP.Board but rather with your SQL server. Please contact your host and copy the message shown above.

What message?

And what is SQL?

I searched google and google seems to know all about it. But I didn’t understand. Anyone have any idea why I couldn’t access Notessimo yesterday, but any other website?

I do have a picture, added in the attachments… upload skipped (Error 407)? What is this?
It is only 78kb. So that isn’t the problem :confused:

Same thing happened to me, it wasent for the whole day though. How would I know? I get on like 3 or 4 times a day xP

But anyway, I dont know what it was either

Yeah I wasn’t constantly trying to get on notessimo the whole day too :P

If both of us had this problem, could it possibly be on notessimo server side? Meh at least we can get on notessimo now :D

It happened to me too! :o

Perhaps a moderator would know? :o

There was an error with the server, it is resolved now

Hoorah! or something like that.

Edit: gasp it happend before 6:00 pm over here :o

What is SQL anyways? And what is going on over there? :P

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