covering/ arranging a song

I want your input on this subject:
do you like only doing one instrument at a time, writing out it’s whole part
just going measure by measure doing all the instruments at one time?
What is easier?
Does having one instrument done first help with the rest?
I personally think having a drum beat helps motivate me to continue on with a song. I generally go to the end of a verse or phrase with one instrument and then go back and do the others.

what is your covering/arranging process?

Usually start with the melody so I balance everything around that. Then the bass and drums next. Lastly any accompaniment like chords or ornamental stuff. If instrumentation changes or melody changes, I copy drums from previous section and mix tracks with that in mind to keep a consistent volume.

For me, I usually build around whichever instrument stands out most to me, which can vary between songs. In terms of progression, I tend to go one sheet at a time, making sure each one is fleshed out before starting a new sheet. I make it a note to make the important instruments more present than the accompaniment.