Crazy Music Glitch

whoa, major ug, the music is still playing when I left the window

Huh… that’s strange. Maybe you should stop the song before closing it.

that is due to lag probably, your monitor shows that the window is closed but your processor probably registers it as still open

I have a glitch (probably caused by lag) that causes the music to stop for a second or two, and the screen still scrolls. So notes A, B, C, and D are like that. The music will stop at note A but it will still scroll. Then it will play note A where note B is, note B where note C is, and so on. I don’t like it However, it doesn’t happen that much

That would be lag. It happens a lot on my laptop, I just ignore it.

It makes it difficult to make songs for me, because I like to “see” the music. I play Guitar Hero as you all know, and I can’t stand it if the music is off sync.

You most likely need a faster CPU, or faster RAM (yes, ram can get faster)