Crossy Road

So Crossy Road is an app for your smartphone. It is frogger inspired. There are trees, roads, cars, trains, logs, lilypads, in the game play you either go on or avoid. There is a huge amount of characters:

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plus some new ones like Archie, Korean inspired ones, etc. i don’t have them all in the pic.
This is what the playing field looks like:

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The landscape (grass, snow, etc.) or just look can change depending on character.
It’s a cool free app That I can enjoy playing. the best thing: there are very few ads!
There are quests such as:
-0/12 lilypads
-0/300 hops
-0/10 logs
and more

you also get free coins every six hours
which then you can use to get a prize.
you can also collect coins throughout the gameplay as well.

So do you play this game? what are your thoughts?

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10/10 would frogger again

People play it at school. It’s literally 3D frogger.

Boring >.>

i die in 10 seconds 10/10

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10 seconds/10

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fucking sucks


To be honest, Smashy Road is better.

yeah I have been playing tha tmpre recently.