CtelinAjira ~ The Destroyer Approaches by CtelinAjira

Warning: The drums are freaking loud.
There is a melody from Touhou 8 (Imperishable Night) on sheet 15. See if you can spot it.

Looped version at http://www.notessimo…s-looped-r68598


More powerful than the burning rays of the sun.

Best. Comment. Ever.

This is one time the drums being loud was a good effect on the mood of the piece.
Transition 98~1 was odd.
Why does Sheet 9 sound familiar.
Transition 9~10 was amazing.
I really liked Sheet 10, but it seemed like Sheets 10-13 were all the same.
The ending wasn’t bad, but it sounded better as a loop.
This sounds a lot like your other originals, with a somewhat soft beginning, then impending doom.
Suggestion: Make your next piece happy :D

I’ll see what I can do. But first, to satisfy one of my areas of needed improvement, I will post the isolated loop for this song.

For a second the first sheet slightly reminded me of “Battle with Magus”.

I myself think the drums were too loud. It made it a lot harder to hear the rest of the instruments.


Woah! Sheet 18 reminds me of ‘Centennial Festival For Magical Girls’ from Touhou 6

this is epic

Drumming didn’t seem loud to me at all, maybe just cause i;m a drummer idk…
Loved the song though, epic, dark, long and not really repetitive. 5/5