Customizable skins/textures etc...?

Again I don’t know if this has already been said…but It would be cool if we could change the color schemes, etc. for the site for our acc.
I don’t really care for the Black and White look…
I know It would be a lot of work on Starburst’s part, but this IS jut a suggestion

And I said on my last thread… MOds don’t reply telling me I am wrong or this has already been posted the lock it; please just delete it LOL
(I don’t like it when you do because it seems like you’re saying “Hey don’t do what this kid did” by locking it LOL)

how bout instead of that, our user control panel instead. kinda like yt.

But isn’t our UCP and whole posting thing by someone else entirely?

What do you mean DD? First, there is only one option in the User Control Panel. Also, changing that would only change the forums, not the actual game.

the homepage’d be a lot of work, i imagine the ucp, when beta is done could have favs, recent activities,songs made by them,friend showoff thing,etc. we could change the layout and colour(s) or pic in background, like yt.

BUT isn’t this thing hosted by phpBB who hosts other forums as well…? And wouldn’t that be out of Starburst’s control?
That is why I was suggestion the homepages…

No, Starburst has complete control over these forums. He can do anything he wants. But it would be hard for him to have multiple color schemes for the homepage/game.

That’s why I said at the beggining that it would be hard for starburst to do that…

lol were all online and on my friends list (here in this thread)

LOL wow…

I said something like that on another topic, abouts a hyperspace moving background.

thats a good idea! i also just thought about, when the downloadable version is released, have a feature for importing your own skin in the form of an xml or html file (or even css).

Good idea…

there is going to be a downloadable version??? SWEET!!!

Yeah, I like that idea.
And yes, look at the bottom right of the compose page… it has links to download SWF,EXE,DMG and BIN files of Notessimo. But they don’t work yet.

I wonder if they’ll ever work at all…

Well… once Starburst gets the full version of the game up, I’m sure they will.


…he has probably forgotten about us…

im starting to think that too… sadface

He was on on the 12th.
Also, he doesn’t have to log on to work on the website. He works on it on his own computer and uploads it to the internet when it’s completed. Or when it will be completed.

Interesting. I wonder if/when the update will happen. I don’t want to change this thread into a Starburts discussion (even though it already is), but I’ve been wondering for a while.