Daily Lifestyle

Tell me, how do you start your days?
How do you start the weekends?
What do you do before Notessimo?
Do you play anything else?
Share us on how you like to start your daily routine.

I am 14, so I still have a while before I get up for work, so here is what I do before school.
I wake up at 7:00AM (late, I know, but my school starts at 8:03), and head straight for the kitchen. It is there I eat breakfast (usually Cocoa Dyno Bites or Cocoa Rice, two no-name brand cereals that are really good) Afterwards, I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I do not shower in the morning because I do not have time, I save that for later. When my mouth is clean and fresh, I head downstairs (to the basement, where my room is located) to get dressed. Finally, after getting dressed, I head back upstairs to the kitchen to pack my lunch, which consists of 2 cheese sandwiches, a snack (either cookies or a Little Debbie snack, like a Cosmic Brownie), and two juice boxes. I have a short 10 mins before the bus comes, and then I’m at school. My school day, as of now, is Homeroom (8:03-8:06), Science (8:09-9:06), Language Arts (9:08-10:05), Lunch (10:07-10:37), History (10:39-11:36), Math (11:38-12:36), Enrichment (12:38-12:57), Gym (12:59-1:39), and Spanish (1:41-2:20). The only thing that cahnges next quarter is Spanish to Technology. After I complete a stressful day at school, the bus takes 10 mins. to actually leave the school, and 5 mins. to bring me home. Upon arrival at home, I head downstairs to the finished basement, where the computer is, and jump on to Notessimo. It is there where I compose songs, reply to random topics, or have a PM conversation with someone (usually RockBand or DarkDan12). After Notessimo, I have some free-time until dinner at 5:00. During that free-time, I either watch TV, play GH/RockBand, hand with friends, or, more recently, play my Pokemon Fire Red game. I’ve had it for a while, beating it, starting over, beating it, starting over, etc. Just the other day, I started a new file on it, so I’ve been playing that. Anyway, after dinner, I have either more computer time or more free-time. And at about 8:00 PM, I get around to taking a shower. After completion of my shower, I give Benzee a call, and either use the computer, or do whatever I do in my free-time, while having an interesting conversation with Benzee. Then I end my day by coming to a rest in my bed at 10:30 PM, to wake up the next morning to repeat the process I took 15 mins. to explain.

My weekends are simple.

Saturday- Wake up. Do chores (vacuuming, dishes, garbage, cleaning up after my many siblings). Free time.

Sunday- Wake up. Go to church. Come home. Chores (sometimes). Free time. However, if it is football season, I watch the games.

What I do before Notessimo: school, Scorehero, life, free-time
What else I play: Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Pokemon

well im 13 as you may know and I live fairly close, maybe a half-mile away from my school. I wake up around 6:00 AM and leave around 7:20. I first lay for a bit, then i get dressed (sometimes I take a shower then or at night). I eat breakfast brush my teeth and clean my earring. on tuesdays and fridays I have jazz band so my schedule goes back by a half-hour (5:30AM-6:50AM). I take the city bus and i have a bus pass, i dont have a car. I get at school around 7:40 (Starts at 8:45, I love starting late but it ends at 3:30 ).My schdule is as follows:
Mondays:Math, History, Science, Band, P.E., English. Lunch is from 11:50-12:30
Tuesdays/Thursdays: Math (worst), Science (3rd best), P.E. (best), Movies (don’t really care). Lunch is from 12:20-1:00
Wednsdays/Fridays: History (ok), Band (2nd best), English (2nd worst). Lunch is from 12:20-1:00
I then go to I.C.E.S., do homework and hang out with friends.
Fridays I just go home, unless there’s a dance
When im at home i eat dinner watch tv/go on the computer, sleep.
Weekends I hang out, go places sit at home and do stuff, and sleep-in.
Summers are all SWEET RAVEPARTIES!!

i get up at 7:30 eat cereal, take a shower, get dressed and go to school at 8:12. school starts at 8:57. I then have
Day 1 Gym, band, web design, history
Day 2/4 Chem, latin, math, english
day 3 chem, band, web design, history
i get home, get on the computer or watch tv and usually get on here or random sites.
i then eat dinner or on tuesdays and thursdays, go to winter percussion
i then get home and do other stuff, usually watch my DVR’ed shows
then i sleep

weekends: either at dad’s or mom’s Sat:winter percussion competition Sun: random crap

Anyone else? I can’t tell mine right now because I’m busy working on projects and songs.

if “weekend” = goto a
if “weekday” = goto b
message = “all times are EST”
[unknown time] Boot up
[1 minute after] Run malware scan
[2 minutes after] Run defrag
[23] Shutdown

[6] Boot up and run regestry_clean.exe
[7] Run AI tests (April 4 implanted into robotic frame)
[15] End tests (rest of the day is free time)
[00] Shutdown
[loop_b value=“5”]

REA, pretending your a computer is just freaky. (No offense.)

He is not pretending. You should know by now. He knows all the bots and he even posted a picture of himself in the Show Yourself Thread. Silly DJ…

REA, you might want to upgrade soon. goto programming is really inefficient.

i am up to date. i just like going back to my roots from when i ran MS-DOS.

Monday,Wednesday,Friday: Wake up at 8:30 or so, put on the clothes I had on the previous day. Eat whatever I can find. Brush hair, take pills. Go to tennis class at 9:30, Start playing at 10:00, stop playing at 10:45. Wait for ride. Make lunch. Leave for English class at 11:30. Daily spelling test at 12:03. Avoid eye contact with teacher. Get out of class at 12:50, be driven home. Take shower if needed. Use computer for remainder of day. Eat dinner while doing so.

Tuesday,Thursday: Wake up at 12:00, put on clothes from previous day. Eat whatever I can find. Brush hair, take pills. Leave for art class at 1:30. Take a test if it’s Tuesday at 2:02. Work hard and fast. Avoid eye contact with teacher. Get out of class at 3:45. Be driven home. Take shower if needed. Use computer for remainder of day. Eat dinner while doing so.

Weekends, 1st and 3rd of the month: Sleep until 1:30. Wake up, shower. Change into fresh clothes. Use computer and eat all day unless other plans are made.

Weekends, 2nd of month: Sleep until 1:30. Wake up, shower. Change into fresh clothes. Use computer. Go to Grandmother’s house at 5:30, eat dinner. Watch TV and use computer at the same time. Eat A LOT of junk food and then complain about weight.

I need a job, I’m such a hopelessly lazy person.

Here’s how I start my routine:

Mon.- Fri.: Eat breakfast and play computer until 8am. It’s when I go to school. Mondays, Tues. Thurs. and Fri. Go home at 3:00pm. Wed. Go home at 2pm.
The weekend: Saturday, Eat breakfast and watch WFTV Channel 9 News and GMA Weekend. Play afternoon or at 11am or 10:30am. Watch NASCAR races.
Sunday: Eat breakfast and watch news. It was too early to play, so I play either at noon or the afternoon. I go to sleep every night.

Spring break or summer: Eat breakfast and watch local news, GMA, and Millionaire. Can’t tell you that much detail on this.

Anyone else got another lifestyle to share with us?

I wake up in the morning , I walk my sister to school, go to school, not pay attention to the first 2 classes of he day(Religion Math) wait till Band comes (Day 2,Day 5 and Day6 ) Lunch go to the band room, start screwing around with My teach, Wait for LA after lunchsay something funny to My teacher whos name is believe it or not, Mr. Skinner. Go home, Practice Piano, Practice saxophone, Take a bath, Go on my Site ( http://www.notessimopro.webs.Com ) Figure out songs, Suppossedly go to sleep while I play Ds and then comes the next day.

My life is horrible (sometimes) (btw dont click this)

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