Dancing Pianos by Me


Tell me what you think :P

It’s alright! Nice job! 4/5

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Painful to listen to. 1.5/5



thanks, carrot!

Dude, to see how much you’ve improved scince joining, its like i saw my life over again. This is acctually pretty decent. 3.5/5

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It’s pretty good, but only because its jazzy

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I like sheet 7.

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Y u no make instruments softer?

Don’t know if I could do better than this or not… mightnotgetaroundtoreviewing/5

Ehhh. It had it’s moments.

The thing it sounds like it could have potential but it lacks beat. Theres something there.


WAY better than the rest of the spam you post…

but I agree with Ace. I stopped making my songs at 300% 4 months ago!

but I still get earapes now and then…

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thanks, Dynamyte!

Thanks, Absolute!

thanks, Alienz, even for the Criticism!

The drum beat was better then the ones you mostly use. I didn’t really like it, but it was less random. I know you got it in you, it’s just really hard to get it out!

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I’m not gonna lie, this was pretty bad. The trouble is, when you tried to re-create the swing-style pattern in the program, you just put two sixteenth notes together, rather than making the song into triplets, and having triplets be what you work with.