Deleted Songs list

I hope there is a “Deleted Songs” list, so i can see what are the deleted songs, what do you think of this?

I think it is pointless, as hardly any songs are deleted anyway, and the point of deletion is so no-one can see them.

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Verbist, how many times has your head exploded?

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Anyway, if there are any list like that, it would be hidden

I asked Nuse to delete Ocean, It’s hidden deep inside my files… I can’t be stuffed to find it and re-post it… And… Timothy, Stop. Making. TORTURE songs. STOP TORTURING US.

Oh my god Nuse, that is my favorite gif ever. Also this is a terrible idea. Don’t delete songs if you have any shadow of a doubt about it.

what is it from?

Tim and Eric: Awesome Show I believe.

Potato chips are better than exploding noggins.

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Someone lock this thread. Now. Before Verbist says something else on this thread.

Well… I have to lock, not beacuse ace has said…

There isn’t any Deleted song thread, and there won’t be

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