Deleting songs?

THAT’S RIGHT. I’m back in the help forum to bother you all again with my pitiful lack of problem-solving skills.

Like I explained earlier, most of my time here was spent over a year ago before this huge site update.
That was when clicking on the Share button automatically uploaded the song to the site.

Years down the line, I’m looking at these four pages of updates for songs that were just completely stupid and I want to get rid of them.
(Maybe after saving the few that I approve of)

Is there any way for me to actually delete these unwanted songs from my Content list?

Any help would be awesome. Even if it’s a no. Though I will be sad because there are about 90 badly-written songs in there that are just saying “I’m a part of your stupid childhood blarghgarghurauhraghaugraaggh”

No,only mods can at the moment. Just PM me if you want a song deleted. I’ll try to get on it ASAP.

Oh pffff-- That’s fine, I’d rather not bother anyone about it. Because it is a huuuuuge list… ._.

But I want to be bothered D:

and where will the deleted songs come to, to the deleted songs list?

I think they are just deleted forever.

the makers should make a “Deleted Songslist” so the songs will be placed there if they are deleted

Not only should they go into a deleted section, but it should be so USER’S can delete songs

But if they go into a deleted file, how do we access them without the whole load/save gui being changed?

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Well we can hide songs so only the moderators can see them.

Yeah speeking of that, im going to delete 20 songs from other poeple. >=3

No, you can only delete them in your own file obviously

Yeah, for some reason users can’t delete their songs. I don’t know why…

Well, Starburst obviously has trust in the mods

Your sarcasm hurts, man.

Sarcasm, i meant that

some of my songs are deleted, this is not funny.