Devastated (Sorrow Update #3) by Muci

You have no idea how long it took to get it to sound alright.

I have a little over a minute of ideas to add to the end of this, so this will be the real last update.

Planned to be ~4.5 minutes, this will be double the length of my current longest song.

Also, please comment if you want, there can never be too much criticism.

Have a nice day.


A little on the repetitive side, but good sound and melodies overall imo

Try putting a bit more prominence on the low notes. Also, I think the transition into the drums could be made a little more grand; perhaps try slowing the tempo before the drums pop in.
But hey, that’s just me.
Alternate title suggestion: “Falling Star”

I see, I kind of just recycled parts from multiple sections for what I added, so that can be changed. Also I see the song really just needs a lot more bass all around, and I should rid of the complete repitition of the percussion as well. hm