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Imagine uploading a completed song in 2022

Don’t expect my usual standard of composition, I really rushed this to get it done in one day. A lot of copy pasting was done and it needs some serious refinement (ha like that’s ever gonna happen), but tbh I just wanted to hear this in Notessimo and now I can share it. I do really wish I could give it the Hellstick treatment though because it does deserve it imo.

Also this song is a semi-cover of Pull the Trigger, by Flux Pavilion. Rn that song is my jam and I basically copied a lot from it but it’s not a straight cover per se.

EDIT (2 Apr 2024): The reverb is broken in the V4 player for some reason, download the audio to get around this issue.


Didn’t know the original but I checked it out. I can see what you mean with the copied sections, but who cares! Still sounds dope! Really digging the crescendos starting around the 53 second mark, but I’m missing a bit of high end on the kicks, and a bit more sub bass.
Dope track though, hyped to see you uploading something again:)


  • Made some changes to hopefully fix the rather awful transition into the main drop
  • Made the sub bass more present during the drop
  • Made the verses more interesting to listen to
  • Added reverb (Had to remove it because it went out of time in the v4 player)

Probably did a few other things I’m forgetting but yeah, good to have this in a better state imo.

Edit: The issues with the reverb during the bridge in the middle of the song are not there in the V3 composer :frowning:

Can’t remember the differences between the old version and this one, but it still sounds dope regardless.
I will say though, that the transition at 1:57 sounds weird to me. In my opinion, one beat is too short of a transition and it kinda breaks the flow. My personal suggestion would be to either remove the 1 beat segment of silence, or to extend the segment to an entire bar before kicking back into the verse. The empty space can be negated in a number of ways. Some sort of percussion on each beat in the bar, an echo effect, or you could extend the fade-out/reverb on the chorus synth and add a fade-in leading back into the verse synth. Be creative or leave it empty if you’d like. The important thing is that the flow feels natural. That being said, you might have intended it to sound like it does, and if that’s the case then all of this is a nonissue.
Rest of the song is dope though. Really crisp and clear <3

Ah good, I hadn’t even touched that part. I’ll see if I can’t fix that transition back into the verse.
All the major changes are to the verse sheets to make the transition into the main drop better or to make the verses more interesting and distinct from one another (I also changed the drop slightly, but not much).

Edit: Fixed that part and added the reverb back. The timing issue (with the reverb) is still there in the v4 player, but curiously it is not there if you export the audio. I’m totally baffled why this song in particular has this issue when none of my other songs have had it in the past but I’m gonna leave it as is and request that everyone download the .wav if they want to hear the song as intended.

The issue is fixed for me though, so we good on my end:)

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